Welcome To GSS New York Employee Panel

Key people of GSS New York in India.

1. John Simon, Managing Director

John Simon is India head and directly involved in all the service categories. A 35 years person, like john is very fortunate to have various responsibilities in Asian Nations. He, himself controls in HHR responsibility and recruits eligible persons.
Email- manpower@gssnewyork.com

2. Navneet Arora, Chief Financial Officer

With 20 years’ experience in Multi-National Companies, He executes all accountancy & auditing planning easily at business platform. Mr. Arora is an MBA from California and at home in all accounting and taxation terms. Many CAs and CSs are working under the guidance of NavneetArora. 
Email- account@gssnewyork.com

3. Gitanjali Sharma, Project Head (All India)

Mrs. Sharma has 17 year’s of experience in various world class industries. She is a good marketer as well. Many Project Managers are having experience under the guidance of Mrs. Gitanjalisharma.
Email- prohead@gssnewyork.com

4. Himanshu Vashisht, Marketing Head(All India)

HimanshuVashisht is an IIM post-Graduate and highly experienced in making deals. He is the other name of confidence. He himself trains marketing executives and managers, so that they could be eligible to observe clients’ needs and demands.
Email- info@gssnewyork.com

5. Neha Kapoor, Advertising Head (All India)

Neha has worked with various media houses and very smart to show the talent of industry. She helps junior marketers and advertisers to make an advertisement so that the productivity and services could be increased easily. 

6. Kumar Abhishek, Project Manager(West India)

Mr. Kumar is an MBA and graduate in IT from prestigious institutions. Having 4 years of experience with an MNC, he is eligible to complete a project on the due date. Many JEs are working under his guidance. He has good command over the clients’ mind set.
Email- prohead@gssnewyork.com

7. MD. Waqar, Project Manager(North and Central India)

Mr. Waqar is also an MBA in Marketing and having 9 years’ of experience in management. He alone takes all the charges in central cities and metropolitans. He does his work smoothly and under the specific time.
Email- prohead@gssnewyork.com